Lyric Hearing Aid Cost

Hearing plays an important role in human life. A person who cannot hear is called deaf and this, of course, creates your life miserable. Some people are deaf from their birth and helping them to listen is very difficult. However, if you are not deaf by birth and have lost hearing power a little bit, then there is good news for you. There are various devices available in the market which you can use to improve your hearing power. A hearing aid is defined as electronic devices that are installed or fixed in your ears. Older style hearing devices called ear trumpets or ear horns help very little in improving your hearing ability.  Today's era of technology has brought exciting changes in these devices.
There are various types of lyric hearing aid devices are available in the market. The cost of them varies depending upon the size, circuitry, and power.

Lyric Hearing Aid Cost

Body-Worn Aids

This is the first-ever lyric hearing aid developed by Harvey Fletcher in the bell laboratories. It was a very amazing invention that opened the door to new aids later on. They are still popular because they cost very little and people who cannot afford costly devices, buy body-worn aids.


BTE is an abbreviated form of Behind the Ear. It comprises three items, namely, ear mold, casing and connecting between them. Although casing is small it has plenty of things within it like controls, battery, microphone, and speakers. Among children, BTE is used mostly because they are durable and cost you around $500 to $1300. The best thing about behind the ear hearing aid devices is that it can be customized for any shape of the ear.

ITE (In the air aids)

These lyric hearing aid devices are fitted in the outer ear bowl. But the problem is that one can easily view it in your ears when he or she stands face to face with you. They are also called as custom hearing aids. The price of ITE is usually around $250 to $500.


IIC or Invisible in Canal hearing aids is placed inside the ear canal. This leaves no footprint that you are using artificial things for hearing. ENT specialist suggests IIC for middle-aged people and it can be easily attached to the mobile phones. This helps in changing the setting of memory and volume. These lyrics hearing aid devices cost you around $700 to $1000.

Extended Lyric Hearing Aids

Extended Lyrics Hearing Aids are installed in the inner ear and no one can find it in your ear. These devices work for 03 to 04 months and you have to replace them because battery installed in these lyrics hearing aids is not rechargeable. You have to pay annually at around $1000 to $3700.All replacement in one year is done without additional cost. You do not need to visit the doctor’s clinic and it can be fixed in your ears with 10 minutes in the office. These devices work best for mild to severe hearing loss affected people. You can take a shower and can go to sleeping without removing them. 

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